Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Mentor

Robert Yoder is my mentor this semester - He is a Seattle artist - represented by Howard House Gallery here and he also teaches at the University of Washington.
The images above are his - He works in mixed media - a lot of collage -
and has been doing some curating here in the city.
He opens a show on this coming Thursday 8/6 , "Send me an Angel" at Howard House.
Robert is a terrific guy and very generous with his time and attention. It should be a fantastic semester.

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Cynthia Hauk said...

how exciting for you, Anne! the first three pieces on his site: new ground together, dirty thigh, and the heavy remind me of Arturo Herrera's work (which I'm a fan). I can see your new mentor being a great fit for you and your work (esp seeing the third b&w piece you posted)!

also, I wanted to say THANK YOU for the wonderful hand-written note you sent me in the mail. I received it and it was wonderful! :) So very thoughtful of you. :) :) I hope your semester has been going well, and can't wait to see you in January! Feel free to write or call me anytime.