Friday, July 31, 2009

Coming up for air

This last month has been crazy time... I had lots of new research to finish before writing and now I am in the midst of the slow process. It might not help that Seattle has been literally frying up - 103 degrees yesterday or something like that - and we out here in the NW do not have air conditioning in our homes -

So here are a few rough items - I am working on new forms - starting smaller and then moving towards surface treatment. I'll be constructing a sculptural assemblage for January - employing the wall as negative space and my everyday materials like newspaper, ads and other natural materials covering these things. The question is how sculptural - how far off the wall will they extend? Many ideas and of course, not enough time to resolve it all by November/Dec.

I've been on a Rauschenberg and Elizabeth Murray binge this week and they are both providing many ideas for this construction I'm dreaming up. (that is Rauschenberg's installation above with the bike)
I'll be posting some more finished things soon - maybe even some COLOR...