Saturday, August 22, 2009

Crunching the boxes

Now that the first draft of the thesis is in... I have much more time in the studio. A couple of weeks ago, my mentor Robert and I talked about distressing the box shapes a bit. This led to a great afternoon of smashing and learning how they would react to weight, pressure, stomping - and when they would just rip and break. I wasn't interested in the tearing and breaking, just the bending and curving. They have a whole new vibe to them. It is that awkwardness that I am interested in. So now I am making a bunch of prototypes and applying different surface treatments. Some may be open, they are all a general smaller, "commodity" size. I am experimenting with some colored commercial papers on some sides. Having the color imported from the everyday mailers that come to the house or commercial product labels. Still using the newsprint and newspaper with ink and paint.
We're discussing where they might be living - on the wall? on the floor? on pedestals? in mass? I'll keep you posted on the latest there.

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cnewsome said...

Don't have anything to say but....WOW! Go girl!