Saturday, December 19, 2009

Finalizing the Installation

When I go back to Boston in January, I'll be displaying my work in the Cambridge gallery with half of my classmates. Because I have made SO MUCH work in these last two years, a few people suggested that I contemplate an installation in the entryway of the 601 Newbury bldg - where we have our meals and critiques every day. It is a VERY tall entry space - about 4 floors high with a skylight at top - with battered concrete walls painted white. With the help of some good friends I am going to hoist this huge collage of my studio leftovers up on to the wall -- about 20 feet above the floor. I have been arranging and wiring these together in quadrants all week and I'll load them into a refrigerator box and ship via UPS - the more battered the better -
Here is a look at the piece -- my studio walls are not big enough to display it fully. It does have this crazy energy which says so much about my MFA process and work.

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cnewsome said...

Love it, my friend! Can't wait to see.....