Saturday, June 13, 2009

The work is on its way

Yes, I've packed it up and taken it to UPS - it takes 5 working days to arrive in Boston.  You'd think I would be relieved and relaxed but no, I have lots of writing and reading to finish up.  I tinkered in the studio until the last minute, added some not-square boxes and continued to play around a bit. You can see the pile of stuff from the other photo in the studio.
The taller piece by itself in the photo is separately on its way to the Boston Young Contemporaries show. Thanks to Anarita for the hand delivery today. That show opens the last Friday we are there - June 26th at Boston University.
Until next semester, good bye!

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Cynthia Hauk said...

Hi Anne!!

I saw your piece at the 808 Gallery when I dropped off my work! YAY! Can't wait to see you soon (and all of your work in person!)!

:) Cyn