Friday, April 17, 2009

April 17

I cannot come up with a catchy title today- another week marked in the studio - new things happening -
or as my mentor says, "percolating".  I am immersed in some written work and thought about content and meaning. Pre-thesis work and it is bringing up some new and further thoughts for the work.
The piece above is collaged over that pink construction foam - I've been making these shapes and chunky tablets and using those as the base for the collage work.  It's like a big paper mache' project - brings me back to all the work I've done teaching art to children.  This piece is exploring marks made with sumi ink - and then cut and laid over the newspaper.  The general feel and look is intriguing to me - the ink smears just a bit, everything becomes a little blurry.  I'm moving back towards the long banners today and placing a second layer over those.

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stefan znosko said...

love the black pages with white text, they make me feel like my hands would get filth touching them. also I think its a very interesting direction, cant wait to discuss in june