Sunday, March 8, 2009


I am limiting myself to using the classified sections of various newspapers.  It seemed like such a prudent decision... to cut down on noise and confusion... to limit my palette ... to focus attention and force the creativity to arise in new ways.  And it is terribly difficult.  There are some days that I just have to leave the studio and walk around the block to reframe my mind - saying, "you can do this - reach past the voice that tells you that it's ridiculous." I laugh a lot and try to honestly dialogue about it with my studio mates.

It is not flashy and it is not gorgeous and it is not easy.  I am just believing that within this process will come some more deep learning and understanding of my own working systems and decision-making.  My mentor Rebecca says that I am making the "rules" and then I can break them, disrupt them, use them to make my points.  It is entirely MY game here.  I don't think I am used to being in this much control and it is both compelling and frightening.  The images above are experimental - I find myself tumbling from one thing into another - process is the only way.

I am mesmerized by the material on a mental level - all that the newspaper represents - Stuart reminds me that
it's an eclectic material if you count the privileged role of say, the NY Times or the Wall St. Journal -- and it is a throw-away material if you gather it in the recycling bin or wash windows with it.  It represents the arrival of breaking information and yet the message is dated within 24 hours.  I am using the classifieds for many reasons.  One, I am drawn to the natural grid and organization of the page - Two, the want ads represent the desire for connection and exchange between people.  Three, we are in a time now when many are forced to find new connections, jobs, help - this inter-dependence makes so much sense.

I welcome any feedback / ideas - I'm looking at enlarging these pieces to huge -- and thinking about new ways to mount them - combine them - 
I wonder if they might be interesting in a video format - stop-action 0r  slide show type - 
this is turning into some rambling - so for now, I sign off.

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Mark Morelli said...


i like the idea of working with a limited palette and reducing the number of choices to a very select few. like playing music with three chords. i'm also very interested in simplicity and i think you are onto something very intriguing.
also, with today's economy, the classifieds are especially poignant.